Paul Dickey: The Difference Between Prose Poems and Lineated Poems

Interview excerpted from Rattle:

The prose poems are more self-assured, will brazenly walk up to the mic and tell the reader, “You better listen up.” They are perhaps more educated, more interested in such things as philosophy and literature, but perhaps less so in the day-to-day life wherein we are merely human. The lineated poems are shyer, may be slow to speak up in the crowd. They tend to believe the reader will come to them eventually—if they are good. They just live their lives: take walks, do their jobs, take vacations, put together jigsaw puzzles. The most important thing to them is being human.

Read the full here.

Ed: I just love this characterization so much, and the idea of poems–all poems–as being members of a slightly hysterical, dysfunctional family.


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