Alex Estes on Elena Passarello’s Voice

Alex Estes’s review of Let Me Clear My Throat excerpted from 3am Magazine:

But the way [Elena Passarello] approaches each of her subjects, the skill she demonstrates at not allowing her personal judgments to cloud her vision of cultural moments that some of us know by heart, moments that have had their own moments, moments that the media has successfully piled so much opinion upon rendering them almost unrecognisable, allows the reader a chance to see everything anew. And in this newness we find a heightened ability to listen, for this is the change that occurs upon finishing Passarello’s book. It was as if scales could fall from my ears as well.


… when we have a voice we can listen to, a voice that carries much more than words, we are given a chance to hear what isn’t there in the letters.

Read the full here.


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