Eileen Myles on Interrogating Language

Interview excerpted from Trop:

I really believe in being meta. I feel like whatever we’re talking about, there’s a point at which you think, what are we talking about? I want the piece to ask that question inevitably—who this conversation is between, what the subject is, what the limits of the situation are. There’s a way in which a piece of writing isn’t that different from a panel discussion. You start to watch where it’s going, and you think weirdly we haven’t mentioned this. And I feel compelled for whatever reason to be the person that says that. That’s one of the reasons I chose to become a writer, because you can stop in the middle of the proceedings and say, “Wait!” You can’t always do that in life. One of the benefits of language, whether public or private, is there is a chance to interrogate it.

For the full, read here.


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