Interview with Joy Harjo

Excerpted from As/Us:

My art isn’t a burden. It has given meaning and shape to these larger forces that make up who and what I am in this time and place. What has been a burden is feeling out of time and place with my art. I came to writing poetry at a time when to perform poetry was to speak without emotion coloring, to keep the words and meaning clear, without interference. When I took up saxophone in the very late 80’s and began playing with a band in the early 90’s, the act of performing changed the way I read poetry. So did recording. No one else was doing quite what I was doing—Yet, I had to keep going in a direction that made sense to the art-making part of myself.  The burden is in feeling you will never quite fit anywhere. Yet, conversely you find yourself home in places all over the world with other artists who understand what and how it means to walk on the edge of the impossible.

For full, read here.


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